We Develop Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Our mission: "uplifting of the whole people"

HENRY MARSHALL TORY, Founding President of the University of Alberta

About US

The IDEA Lab, led by Dr. Milad Nazarahari, is a part of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Alberta. At IDEA Lab, we address fundamental and translational Biomedical & Rehabilitation Engineering and Optimization questions. Also, we follow a Living Lab approach, where our translational research is user-centred.


At IDEA Lab, we develop innovative algorithms and intelligent autonomous systems within two research themes:

  1. Biomedical & Rehabilitation Engineering: Developing wearable & robotic technologies to deliver personalized medicine (performing (tele)assessment of human function, health, activity & delivering (tele)rehabilitation).

  1. Optimization: Developing computationally efficient problem-specific heuristic & meta-heuristic optimization algorithms for solving large-scale optimization problems.

IDEA Lab, where we all belong!

At IDEA Lab, we believe that promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is the only way to move forward. We strive to build and maintain an equitable, diverse, inclusive, interdisciplinary, & collaborative environment where we benefit from a broad spectrum of ideas & experiences.

We encourage people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, & lived experiences to join us!